Hotels in Neunkirchen and surroundings

Hotel rooms and accommodations are currently very scarce due to the preceding Corona closures. Some hotels are now closed, others are working with reduced capacity - and because of high demand room prices are rising. Main hotel is Holiday Inn Express in Neunkirchen, but they will not be able to fulfill all demand.

Therefore, we give you here information and tips about hotels in Neunkirchen and the surrounding cities and towns. The hotels listed here are located near train or bus stations, with which you can easily reach the tennis facility.

Most of these hotels can either be booked directly (that's why we have listed the web pages or email addresses here) or can be booked through these hotel booking platforms - which are currently offering better prices and/or cancelation conditions:


We recommend booking your accommodation as early as possible, it may be possible that in the summer the rooms in Neunkirchen will be booked out quickly or at premium prices only.

The neighbor cities Homburg, Bexbach, Ottweiler, St. Wendel and especially Saarbrücken have more hotels and bigger room capacities. We recommend to go there, these cities are not far away and have a direct train connection to Neunkirchen. The tennis facility is not far from the train station Neunkirchen.